Monthly Archives: January 2015


It’s been a hard up night

Is it me or does it just seem that every time you want to have sex with your wife that she is either not in the mood, on her period or too damn tired. Lets analyze this… If she’s not in the mood maybe she can give us a hint of what we can do…


The Shower Caddy

In my house, like most American homes, we have a shower caddy. For those of you who do not know what a shower caddy is, it is the “thingamajig” that goes around the shower head which holds the shampoos, soaps, razors, and douche bottles. Come on you know what I am talking about. Now that…


Late for Dinner

It’s not that we come home late after work because we really want to, but let me put it in perspective. After a long and crazy day spent in meetings and putting out fires, the only time that we can do our actual job duties like reading and responding to emails, reviewing contracts, putting together…


Home Improvement

When did I become a carpenter, painter, drywall finisher, and gardener? If you ask my wife, it happened the day I said, “I do”. The other day, my wife said, “let’s do a few things around the house”. To fully comprehend what she said, I must break down the elements of this seemingly uncomplicated, unambiguous…

Welcome to ATMG

Ask the married guy has been in the works conceptually for over 10 years and finally we have been able to bring it to you on the web. This site provides a humorous spin on the joys of marriage and our editors bring many years of marriage experience to share with our readers-Enjoy    |      2015