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He Wants His Foreskin Back (and He Just Might Get It)

As many Americans re-evaluate their thoughts on male circumcision–and there’s an ongoing debate about whether circumcision is necessary–it’s too late for most of us who were subjected without a say in the issue. Or is it? A company called Foregen claims it will be able to grow a custom-made foreskin in a lab, in the…

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He Lived Long and He Prospered

So many lessons can be gleaned from the iconic character of Star Trek‘s Mr. Spock. When saying goodbyes, it is the Vulcan custom to say, “Live long and prosper.” “Infinite diversity in infinite combinations… symbolizing the elements that create truth and beauty,” another often quoted Spockism. And, most importantly, when it comes to critical decision-making,…

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23 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

The thing about pregnancy is, you can never really know what it’s like unless you’re pregnant. Sure, some people will try. There are three guys in the U.K. who are currently wearing 33-pound “empathy bellies” for an entire month–as part of a publicity stunt for their publishing company–and the suits apparently give them abdominal aches,…

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Drink Like a Man

Gentlemen, we live in the age of vodka. Yes, vodka: the spirit that aspires to be like water. No offense to vodka drinkers, but if you ordered booze that tasted like something, maybe you wouldn’t need to put cranberry juice in it. Meanwhile, the hooch by which all hooch should be measured collects dust. For…

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Are Spiders and Dragonflies Having Better Sex Than You?

Remember that nerd you knew as a kid who was obsessed with watching those 25 mail-order ants working on his Ant Farm? Well he grew up, and now he knows all sorts of R-rated things about the way bugs get busy. And what can we learn from those scientists who make it their business to…

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How to Get Street-Smart Hair in Under 5 Minutes

If you’ve had the same old hair clean-cut hairdo for the last decade or so, it’s time to mix it up with a little inspiration from the streets of New York. Right now, the big trend we’re seeing is guys looking clean and natural–with a little twist. We see it in the streets, and we…

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10 Crazy Body Connections

Your body parts are joined in ways you never imagined. For example, did you know the length of your index finger could secretly reveal your penis size? While most of these links sound strange, knowing about them could pay dividends down the line. Here are 10 crazy body connections that just might save your life….    |      2015