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5 Easy Steps to Protect Your New Baby

1 Year Before the Desired Due DateCheck your health insurance. Make sure it covers prenatal visits and the actual delivery. If it doesn’t, upgrade to a plan that does, or your baby could cost you about $6,700 before you even hold him or her–and that’s only if there are no complications. Encourage your partner to…

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Should You Wear Knee Wraps?

Before a big squat, most powerlifters sheath their knees in knee wraps. The tight neoprene or canvas material wraps “work” by constricting the joint, which provides extra stability. That external support allows you to push more weight with the same effort. But should you wear them when you train? Probably not, unless you’re a powerlifter…

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10 Things Children Teach Their Fathers

1. It feels great to run and not worry about how fast or how far. 2. The only thing funnier than a fart joke is an actual fart. Bonus points if it’s at the dinner table or in church. 3. Remember homework? Yeah, it sucks. And kids have a lot more of it these days….

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18 Things Worth Fighting For

1. Your workout schedule. Nonnegotiable. A deal breaker. Make sure everyone knows it. 2. The theory that two people must have sex before they can ever be in love. Because you can’t love someone until you know that person fully–and sex brings many revelations. 3. Your favorite band/movie/team/political party/religion–which, you’ve just been told, sucks. It…

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13 Things a Man Should Never Fear

YogaYou may feel as if you’re trapped in an endless self-empowerment workshop. But you’ll also probably be the only man in a hot, enclosed space full of beautiful women in clingy clothing. Having Her DriveIt establishes your commitment to a relationship based on gender equality. Plus, you pick the music. Black-and-White MoviesDropping an All About…

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6 Ways to Become a Millionaire

Create a Personal Expense AccountOpen a checking account just for household expenses with whatever’s required to avoid monthly service fees (around $2,000, typically). Next, figure out roughly how much your monthly expenses–everything from electricity to entertainment–should run, and direct-deposit that much into the account from your paycheck. Put the rest of your paycheck into your…

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9 Professional Athletes’ Secrets for Winning

Entering the final round of their 1990 title bout in Las Vegas, the undefeated junior welterweight Meldrick Taylor owned a sizable lead over the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez. All Taylor had to do was survive another 3 minutes in the ring with Chavez and he’d have the biggest win of his life. For the next…

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14 New Ways to Be a Real Man

1. Bring a dish. Poet Robert Frost once wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” That’s irony, not prescription. A real man hits the neighborhood barbecue bearing a bowl of potato salad. You won’t just fill bellies, you’ll strengthen bonds. Bonus: no awkward introductions the first time you want to borrow your neighbor’s rototiller. 2. Pet…    |      2015