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Dump a Personal Trainer without Losing Your Gym

Not all relationships are built to last. And that includes your relationship with a personal trainer. But not unlike trying to untangle yourself from an office relationship, saying goodbye to a trainer without also giving up your favorite gym can seem impossibly complicated. We get it: You don’t want it to be awkward the next…

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Why You Probably Shouldn’t Go Back to Work on Monday

Attention, those of you in the rat race: Here’s a rat study that’s all about you! It ran in our July 2006 issue, in a story by MH stalwart Jim Thornton, all about a road trip he and his brother took, to jumpstart their lives. But the road trip itself needed to be jumpstarted, and…

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Has Your Brain Already Peaked?

The days of frequent brain farts may be closer than you think: If you’re over the ripe old age of 18, some of your cognitive skills have already headed south, according to new findings from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. But not all of your brain is in a free fall. The study also found it…

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How to Help Her Get Ready so You Aren’t Always Late

She takes forever to get ready, and we’re always late. What’s my move?–Joe, Santa Fe, NM Plan ahead. Tell her the night before (casually) how much you love her black strapless dress and those smokin’ hot purple shoes. You’ll take the pressure off any last-minute decision making. If she’s still tardy, you can always try…

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6 Insanely Fit Guys Reveal One Thing They Do Each Day

We found seven of the fittest men on the planet and asked them a simple question: What’s one thing you do each day that improves your fitness? Take a cue from their routines–and reach the best shape of your life. Make No Excuses The ManRob MacDonald, training director of Gym Jones, one of the most…

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Shocking New Study Finds That Getting Sick Can Lower Your I.Q.

Infections won’t just weaken your immune system–they could also cramp your cranium. A serious sickness can lower your I.Q. score, suggests a new Danish study. Researchers studied 190,000 men who took an intelligence test and found that guys who had been hospitalized for an infection in the past scored a mean of almost 2 points…

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3 Purchases That Will Help You Live Longer

We showed you how Money Can Buy You Happiness. But did you also know that certain purchases could help you live longer, too? Here’s what no guy should ever be without, regardless of what’s in his wallet. Shoes That Shine People can make fairly accurate assumptions about you by checking out your shoes, University of…    |      2015