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Why You Should Think About Your Glasses As If They Were Your Shoes

Image by Shutterstock If you’re like most guys, you have dress shoes, work shoes, running shoes, and a dozen other pairs of kicks to suit any activity or occasion. But if you wear glasses or contacts, you probably only own a single pair of prescription lenses. You really ought to be treating your eyes like…

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3 Ways to ‘See’ a Doctor Without Leaving Your Living Room

Image by Shutterstock You don’t need to be right in front of your doctor for him or her to help you out with whatever’s ailing you. Thanks to telemedicine, the delivery of healthcare at a distance—you can handle lots of medical issues virtually. For many healthcare needs, a doctor doesn’t need to be physically in…

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What to Do If Your Sex Life Has Become Completely Predictable

Image by Shutterstock As the years go by over the course of a relationship, sex almost inevitable becomes routine. “Boring sex unfolds naturally in long-term relationships, because we all do what works,” says Marianne Brandon, Ph.D., author of Monogamy: The Untold Story. “Then we just keep repeating what works until it becomes a rut.” Although…

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RIPPED Abs In 1 Minute!

Rodale Inc. A video posted by RIPTENSITY DVD (@riptensity) on Jun 29, 2016 at 9:53am PDT This RIPTENSITY challenge is simple, and the payoff is sweet. With just three exercises, you’ll hit your lower abs, obliques, and six-pack muscles for one minute. You read that right: one minute. Related: RIPTENSITY—Fast Bodyweight Workouts From Men’s Health…

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The Scary Thing That Can Happen After You Survive a Heart Attack

Image by shutterstock Live through a heart attack and something frightening might still be looming: Heart attack survivors may be prone to develop heart failure, new research from the Netherlands finds. In the study of over 25,000 patients, nearly 1 in 4 heart attack survivors were diagnosed with heart failure—a chronic condition where the heart…

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How to Instantly Rebound From 5 ‘Foot-In-Mouth’ Moments

Photograph by Shutterstock My daughter has a new best friend whose mom is pregnant. Or at least I thought she was. You can probably guess how this story ends, but I’m going to finish it anyway. The other week, she bent down to pick up something in her driveway. I told her that a pregnant…

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5 Ways to Naturally Boost Your HGH

Image by Shutterstock Crank Up Your Cardio Nothing makes HGH levels rise like cardio training, says Arthur Weltman, Ph.D., chair of kinesiology at the University of Virginia. But intensity, not duration, is the key to a big “pulse” of growth hormone, he says. Whether you’re into cycling, biking, or running, your goal should be 45…    |      2015