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How Old Is Too Old to Be a Dad?

Rodale Inc. Mick Jagger just had his eighth kid at the age of 73. Is fathering a child later in life risky for your offspring? There’s no expiration date on when guys can father a child. Case in point: Rocker Mick Jagger just had his eighth child at the age of 73. Since men don’t…

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Now You Can Pay Money to Smash Stuff When You’re Pissed

Photograph by Shutterstock Let the “Rage Cage” be your safe space Have you ever had a day—or week, month, year—that has made you want to grab a bat and smash some household items? (The answer is yes, of course you have.) For Zaac Spencer of Brinsley, Nottingham, in the United Kingdom, it only made sense…

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Do This Before Your Curls to Build Bigger Biceps

Photograph by Beth Bischoff This biceps curl variation will give you a massive pump To absolutely blast your biceps, combine dumbbell curls with isometric holds. Iso holds—holding the dumbbells frozen in a fixed, bent-arm position—will increase the time your muscles are under tension. That helps “pre-exhaust” your muscles, and will lead to greater strength gains…

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4 Easy Ways to Get Her to Swipe Right

Illustration by Men’s Health Here’s how to craft the perfect dating app profile pic There are plenty of fish in the sea. Problem is, you’re one of them. So how do you get her to cast you a line? We looked at dating app data and talked to online dating experts to find out how…    |      2015