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Would Nick Young’s Pelvic Thrusts Also Be Appropriate In the Bedroom?

Image by Isaac Baldizon/Getty Images The Lakers guard celebrated a three-pointer by thrusting his hips. Should you try the same after sex? Last night, Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young celebrated a 3-point shot by thrusting his hips in a sexual fashion. He pumped several times and he dangled his follow-through and it made many…

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Woman Loses 100+ Pounds to Get Revenge On Cheating Husband

Photograph by Her stunning transformation came with a side order of spite A Texas mom was inspired to lose 103 pounds after discovering her husband was cheating on her, and was extra motivated when he called her a “fat f**k” in a private conversation with his mistress, according to a report in The Daily…

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How to Nail One Of the Hardest Abs Exercises On the Planet

Image by Men’s Health You need to work your way up to this extreme core-scorcher The L-sit is one of the greatest tests of overall core strength and stability, says Sean Garner, a trainer at Anatomy at 1220 in Miami Beach, Fla. It’s so tough, you probably won’t be able to do it on your…

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The Shoulder Workout That Also Gives You Great Abs

Image by Men’s Health Chisel your upper body with just 4 exercises Trainer: Jeremy Scott, trainer at Jeremy Scott Fitness in Scottsdale, Arizona Benefit: This four-move workout attacks all three “heads” of the deltoid muscle that wraps around your shoulder. You’ll perform all of the exercises while standing, so as an added bonus, you’ll also…    |      2015