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How to Make Rich, Creamy, Bacon-y Spaghetti Carbonara

Photograph by Men’s Health This delicious feast is surprisingly easy to make Sometimes life gets the better of your kitchen reserves. Your schedule goes nuts and then all of a sudden what you have left in your fridge amounts to little more than a quarter of a onion, a few eggs, and an open package…

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The Health Risk That May Be Hiding In Your Fast Food Wrappers

Image by shutterstock Are you getting a side of toxic chemicals with your extra cheese? The packaging that efficiently prevents grease from leaking out of pizza boxes and burger bags may have a not-so-tasty side effect: harmful compounds linked to serious health risks. New research from the American Chemical Society suggests that some fast-food wrappers…

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Scientists Prove People Living With Total Paralysis Can Still Communicate

Image by Shutterstock Patients with Complete Locked-In Syndrome were able to answer questions via modern brain imaging People living with Complete Locked In Syndrome have long been thought to be incapable of communication, because the condition induces a state of total paralysis that inhibits all voluntary muscle movement. Yet researchers from the Wyss Center in…

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Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body In SI’s Swimsuit Issue

Photograph by sports illustrated | See how the model stayed in amazing shape during and after her pregnancy By now, Chrissy Teigen and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue are practically synonymous with each other. The model first appeared in SI in 2010, wearing a striking blue bikini while sitting in the Maldivian sand. That…    |      2015