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​It’s About to Become Way Easier To Fix Your Broken iPhone Screen

Photograph by getty images ​Drop it on your tile, off a balcony, out of a plane? No worries now. Apple has a special iPhone screen-repair machine called the Horizon Machine especially designed to fix the cracked or damaged screens of mishandled iPhones. Previously, the Horizon Machine—yeah, we know, can the name be more pretentious?—was only…

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​You Won’t Believe How Flexible These Twins Are

Photograph by ​These Ukrainian sisters have made a name for themselves simply by stretching Flexibility is one of those things most people would love to have but just don’t. (If you’d like to become more flexible, though, here are six ways you can stretch and improve your strength.) However, Ukrainian twins Alina and Emilija…

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​I Planked One Minute Every Hour at Work for Two Weeks

Photograph by reegan von wildenradt You get surprisingly noticeable results from less than 10 minutes of planking a day I recently started my first-ever desk job, working 9-5 primarily seated and staring at a computer screen, for this very magazine. Don’t get me wrong; the work itself is a dream job. But before this, I…

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Saudi Billionaire, Who Once Had 11 “Pleasure Wives,” Dies at 82

Rodale Inc. His lavish lifestyle was rumored to cost him $200,000 per day Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi billionaire arms dealer who garnered attention for his playboy lifestyle, has died at the age of 82 while being treated for Parkinson’s disease. At the height of his career, he was the richest arms dealer in the world,…

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​This Is the Best Way to Figure Out If You’re Too Fat

Rodale Inc. Because the traditional way to classify obesity can be way off​ Okay, so you can’t really fit into your high school jeans anymore. But how can you tell if those extra pounds are putting your health at risk? Doctors have traditionally used body mass index (BMI) to quantify what counts as obesity. But,…    |      2015