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YouTuber Logan Paul Filmed a Dead Body in Japan’s ‘Suicide Forest’

Photograph by instagram/loganpaul Paul seemed to make light of the tragedy, and has since issued an apology Over the holiday weekend, popular YouTuber Logan Paul posted a shocking, graphic video of an apparent suicide victim. The footage appears to have crossed a line for many viewers—and for good reason. Paul’s video, which was posted some…

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Daily Deal: Boost Your Gains With This Whey Protein Powder

Photograph courtesy of Amazon You’ll still have to hit the gym, but protein can help you reach your New Year’s resolution goals If your list of New Year’s resolutions includes building muscle, you’ll have to revisit your diet. A protein-rich diet complements all that hard work in the gym so those challenging full-body workouts really…

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This Is What Happens When You Have Sex With a Dirty Fleshlight

Photograph by Creative Commons From yeast infections to STIs, these are the health risks associated with not cleaning your sex toys Matie Fricker, 39, has a strict company policy: When customers return their sex toys, always wear gloves. At her store, Self Serve Toys in Albuquerque, New Mexico, people don’t return sex toys often. But…

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Watch a Topless Woman Punch a Jerk Who Groped Her at a Music Festival

Image by Daily Mail No, she wasn’t “asking” for it—this guy should have kept his damn hands to himself Here’s yet another reminder that it’s never okay to touch someone without their permission—no matter what they are or aren’t wearing. Twenty-year-old Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller showed up topless to the annual Rhythm and Vines festival in Gisborne,…    |      2015