A Biohacker Just Injected Himself With an Untested, Experimental Herpes Treatment

biohacker just injected himself

Photograph courtesy of Aaron Traywick

Aaron Traywick ​injected himself with a DIY herpes treatment in front of a live audience— an expert explains why this really wasn’t the best idea

A biohacker injected himself with an experimental herpes treatment in front of a live audience in Austin, Texas, on Monday.

28-year-old Aaron Traywick, who leads Ascendance Biomedical — the biotech firm behind the drug — injected a treatment that has not undergone any clinical trials for safety, much less gone through the FDA’s drug approval process. It happened in front of a live audience, but a video of the event was also posted online.

Traywick told Men’s Health that the purpose of the display was to “engage and inspire the public in a novel and wholly transparent presentation of a therapy our researchers have been developing for nearly a year.” He said he hoped the experiment would “catalyze [the public’s] engagement with similar self-experimentation using gene therapy.”

According to The Verge, this bold move by Traywick isn’t the first of its kind. As a biohacker, Traywick reportedly has a history of encouraging self-experimentation. Last year, his biotech firm live-streamed a man injecting …read more

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