Married Life

empty toliet roll

Where does all of the toilet paper go?

I understand that women are very clean individuals and that they have feminine needs on a monthly basis. What I don’t understand is how someone can go through a roll (or rolls..) of toilet paper within one day. That’s like 200+ sheets of paper used, approximately 100 feet long. That’s alot of butt wiping. It…


Late for Dinner

It’s not that we come home late after work because we really want to, but let me put it in perspective. After a long and crazy day spent in meetings and putting out fires, the only time that we can do our actual job duties like reading and responding to emails, reviewing contracts, putting together…

what's for dinner

What’s for Dinner?

“What’s for Dinner?” For some reason, these three words tend to create tension from my wife whenever this question is asked. We could be having the greatest casual conversation during my lunch break check-in call and once the three magical words are spoken, I get the complete shutdown. Actually, I get a response with four…


Home Improvement

When did I become a carpenter, painter, drywall finisher, and gardener? If you ask my wife, it happened the day I said, “I do”. The other day, my wife said, “let’s do a few things around the house”. To fully comprehend what she said, I must break down the elements of this seemingly uncomplicated, unambiguous…    |      2015