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Why More Guys In Their 50s Get Diagnosed With Late-Stage Lung Cancer

Image by Shutterstock Early diagnosis is key to beating cancer, but lots of guys are missing out on that important window: Younger people are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer, new research presented at the Cancer Outcomes and Data Conference found. In the study, people in their 50s were 31 percent more…

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Why 42% Of Women Would Rather Eat a Nice Dinner Than Have Sex With You

Image by shutterstock Lobster: Better than an orgasm? That’s what more than 2 in 5 women would say, according to a recent (unscientific) survey directed by Havas Worldwide, an advertising company, and Market Probe International, a market research company. In the survey of nearly 12,000 people worldwide, about half of both men and women said…

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This Training Hack Is Basically a Legal Version Of Doping

Image by Beth Bischoff In the video above, Men’s Health Fitness Director BJ Gaddour, C.S.C.S., discusses a training trick that “excites your nervous system” and makes you feel “stronger and faster.” You’d think he was talking about a performance-enhancing drug. But nope, it’s called “contrast training conditioning.” This technique involves performing a heavy, slow-tempo strength…

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How Many Times Can You Reuse a Water Glass Without Getting Sick?

Image by Shutterstock You keep a water glass beside your bed to make sure you’re chugging plenty of H20. That’s great: But let’s be honest—the glass just stays there for days, as you dump out the excess and just keep filling it back up. So how gross is that, really? Related: Your Dumbbell Has 362…

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How to Do the Cuban Press

Image by Shutterstock Your rotator cuff is the group of muscles and tendons that both stabilize your shoulder and allow it to rotate. For such an important piece of your anatomy, though, you rarely hear anyone talk about training to strengthen it. That’s a shame. Strong rotator cuff and scapular muscles will not only prevent…

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The Number of People Who Are Probably Reading Every Sext You Send

Image by Shutterstock When you send out a racy picture, you hope it’s a “for your eyes only” situation: But about 1 in 4 people actually show sexts to others, a new study from Indiana University found. Researchers polled more than 5,800 adults and found that nearly 25 percent of them had shared a sext…    |      2015