girl punching

Don’t get caught!


So there you are, spending a lovely Saturday afternoon at the mall with your wife. She dragged you away from the twenty-something home projects you started on and plan to eventually finish. You make the best of the mall day and start to enjoy the time.  As you are walking down the long stretch of people traffic, you suddenly catch something way off behind the flood of shoppers coming towards you. You try not to focus or look interested but you really have an urge to get a good glimpse of that hot blonde walking towards you. What color are those eyes? Is there cleavage showing?  You….must….look!

Make sure not to get nervous and please be sure not to let go of your wife’s hand (that would surely give it away). Actually, she most likely spotted that hottie much earlier and is just waiting to see what you do. So, what do you do? It’s a good thing that you asked. Try to follow these pointers below and it’s up to you which one you choose. So choose wisely…

The critical husband: “Oh my gosh, look at that super tight outfit! I can’t believe her tits are busting out like that. What a slut!”  Usually the wife will agree with some additional comments and you get your hottie time to look.

The diversionary husband: “Wow, look at that outfit in the store window, what a great price!” As your wife looks over, get a nice long hottie stare in, try not get caught…

The honest husband*: “Wow, she is beautiful, I wonder if she is a model” This way you can have your wife focus on the approaching hottie to check her out,  allowing a good glimpse yourself. Warning: this may cause an argument now or later based on your wives temper. *Note, if you wife is Hispanic, this is definitely a no no. She will literally flip out!

Good luck!

Can you think if other methods?  If so please share below in the comments!    |      2015