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How Many Times Can You Reuse a Water Glass Without Getting Sick?

dirty bedside water glass

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You keep a water glass beside your bed to make sure you’re chugging plenty of H20.

That’s great: But let’s be honest—the glass just stays there for days, as you dump out the excess and just keep filling it back up.

So how gross is that, really?

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You’re probably worried that you’re creating the perfect breeding ground for germs, since microorganisms need a moist environment to survive.

And not only that, but then you’re ingesting them, too—so are you really setting yourself up for sickness?

It’s true that bacteria and other potentially dangerous microorganisms (think viruses and intestinal parasites) grow really well in moist environments.

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So yes, that unwashed glass can be a petri dish of possibility. Every time you take a sip, you’re transferring the microbes in your mouth to the glass.

“If you’re ill and deposit a nasty bug in that glass and it doesn’t dry properly before you use it again, there might be enough time for that bug to …read more    |      2015