How This Man Got Sober, Lost 190 Pounds, and Turned His Life Around

Noah Kingrey

Photograph courtesy of Noah Kingery

At 356 pounds, Noah Kingery didn’t think he’d ever be happy—until he got a wake up call that changed his life

In 2007, Noah Kingery was playing professional youth soccer in Brazil. As an athlete, he got a crazy workout out on the field, but also spent plenty of time in the weight room and whipping up healthy meals.

At 18, he was faced with a painful decision: He could either stay in Brazil and go pro or go back to his hometown of Dallas, Texas, to save his long-distance relationship. He chose his girlfriend and walked away from soccer for good.

But when things didn’t work out, Kingery took it hard. In just one year, he became 213 pounds heavier. As he found comfort in food and booze, the 143-pound athlete he knew was gone and the scale read 356 pounds — his heaviest weight ever.

“I was known as this high school athlete, and going from that to this, I can remember people being like, ‘Oh my god, what happened?’” Kingery told Men’s Health. “I was just depressed and spiraling into addiction.”

In 2009, Kingery moved to Los Angeles to start his own fashion …read more    |      2015