It’s been a hard up night

Is it me or does it just seem that every time you want to have sex with your wife that she is either not in the mood, on her period or too damn tired.

Lets analyze this…

If she’s not in the mood maybe she can give us a hint of what we can do to get her in the mood. Hell, there are many times when I’m not in the mood. Like…uh…well, actually I am in the mood every freaking second of the day, but enough about me.

Reasonably speaking, we should have some kind of hint of what gets her in the mood. Be it either giving her a massage, rubbing her feet, doing an “oops” on the tv remote control and bringing up the porno channel, acting interested when she talks your ear off, letting her go and spend a fortune at the mall, etc, etc. etc. A little sign would help.

“That dreaded time of the month.” I’m sure every guy has tried to overcome this nasty occurrence in the female species but it is just too damn gross. I don’t know about you but just the sight of a drop of blood on my penis is enough to scare the crap out of me. The funniest thing is that this time of the month is usually the horniest moment for a woman, go figure.

And last but not least, the I’m too tired excuse. Who is ever too tired for some good deep down nasty sex. They say they are too tired but if you do somehow convince them to do it just this one time (this is usually asked every other day), they are jumping and screaming in bed with you 5 minutes later. Too tired…yeah right.    |      2015