Let me tell you a little story about a friend of mine. Once, in a terrible marriage, he found his freedom with a divorce, and started to live the wonderful life that he had once envisioned. There were parties every weekend and he was the life of the party most of the time. There were happy hours galore. Women were easy in this type of environment. As a matter of fact (if the ex-wife is reading please skip forward to the next paragraph) he was having more and better sex as a bachelor than he ever did as a married man. In just five short years this friend of mine did everything he had always wanted to do and more. Then one day this idiot friend of mine does the unthinkable and gets……. Married, Again!!!!

I know what you are asking yourself right now. Why on Gods green earth would this idiot ruin everything? Well, I’m sure that most of you have guessed by now that I myself am this friend of mine. Bet I tricked you, huh? Yeah right. Anyway, what I found in this type of life is that in between all of this fun and partying it gets very lonely, (In reality I gained 40 lbs, started balding, and hit my 30’s, but the truth sucks) especially when you’re at home. This loneliness (actually, it’s groping big breasted women in crowded clubs) is what keeps you going out. It’s what keeps you partying just to not be alone (and to be with the aforementioned big breasted woman).

There are many good things to be said (mostly by women) about marriage besides not being lonely. For example, always coming home to loving (took me 30 minutes to think of one good thing) arms can turn a bad day into a good day. Also, you’ll always have someone to talk to (brother, marry a mute cause this is a one way street for women). Marriage can be a very rewarding, and fulfilling (but oh so boring) experience. However, I do warn that you have to find the right (centerfold) women, and be in love (if you cook, clean, do laundry, and give good head.. I love you) to have a good (second) marriage and make it work.


Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut at    |      2015