Silver Anniversary Playbook


My wife and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. They’ve been the best 5 years of my life. Seriously though, like anything else in life marriage has it’s ups and downs. We’ve had both good days and bad. We’ve also had good years and bad. But enough about the 5:1 ratio.

I am constantly asked by younger married guys how I’ve managed to stay married for so long (They never ask how my wife has stayed married. I guess they’ve surmised I’m a prince). I al-ways say the same thing when asked: I take it one day at a time. Because when you get out of bed in the morning, you never know if you’ll it’s going to be a good marriage day or bad one. It would be a lot easier if you knew in advance and could at least prepare. So, if for example you knew it’s a bad marriage day you suddenly remember you have a business dinner or on a good day, you shower as soon as you get home and spend a little extra time washing your little pack-age and getting her knee pads out of storage. An odd/even numbered day system would be helpful, like they do with gas rationing, but without the long lines.

Sure marriage is tough. It does get old. I won’t bullshit you.You only have to look at the statistics. An estimated fifty percent of the marriage in this country end in divorce. And how about the other fifty percent that survive? Well, maybe they’re just procrastinating. Seriously, how many married people are truly satisfied in the marriage? How often do you see married people holding hands? Or walking with their arms around each other? Very few, right? Unless, of course they’re each married to other people.

The truth of it is, I have very little wisdom to share with guys who struggle to stay married. I haven’t a clue. I suspect it has something to do with aging. The older I get, the less I want to go out to socialize on a cold night, or make small talk with new people, or clean up after the dog when he barfs on the new carpeting. (I fake snore whenever I hear the little beast start to heave).

So, all I can say is hang in there. Take it a day at a time, like they say an AA meetings, but with-out the well-stocked bar. And always remember, you have a 50% percent chance of staying married. Or, maybe you’re just a procrastinator.    |      2015