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Why More Guys In Their 50s Get Diagnosed With Late-Stage Lung Cancer

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Early diagnosis is key to beating cancer, but lots of guys are missing out on that important window: Younger people are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer, new research presented at the Cancer Outcomes and Data Conference found.

In the study, people in their 50s were 31 percent more likely to be diagnosed with stage III or stage IV lung cancer—where the cancer has spread to lymph nodes in the middle of the chest or to other organs, respectfully—than those ages 65 to 69 were.

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And men under 50 likely face the same issue, too, says Helen Chen, M.P.H, former field manager for the Cancer Prevention Institute of California

They tend to be diagnosed at a later stage, especially if they don’t have a risk factor like smoking, she adds.

That’s probably because lung cancer in young non-smokers is relatively rare—those under age 45 who’ve never smoked make up less than 2 percent of diagnosed cases—unless there’s a genetic component, she says.

As a result, most doctors will see symptoms like chronic cough as signaling a …read more    |      2015